“In my rental, there is electrical wiring left exposed over the patio gutters, the eave and patio and back to the eave (black/red/green/yellow wires exposed), and in my garage hanging from the ceiling to wall. Is this legal? What can I do about these?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Co-Founder and COO of Rent360, Penelope Valentine for her advice:

“There should be no exposed wires,” Penelope said. “Despite the electrical danger, these could also be a strangulation danger.”

“I suggest you take a photo of all exposed wires and send them to the property manager, requesting they box in all wires or re-wire the areas so they meet safety standards.”

Penelope said there are companies such as Safety Watch Australia that will come and conduct a full safety inspection of the premises and identify any areas where there is a risk of harm to any occupants.

Safety Watch Australia currently services South East Queensland and some parts of Northern New South Wales.

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Penelope Valentine
Co-Founder and COO at

Penelope is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Rent360. Her role is to ensure the highest standards of property management service delivery, seamless implementation of technology and provide impeccable customer service to both property investors and property managers.