Are you a good tenant? When you upgrade your Renter Resume by purchasing a RentCheck, you can request endorsements from your previous property manager to support your rental application.

The new Endorsements feature has rolled out on mobile and desktop.

Whether you’re checking out the latest rental homes to hit the market, or just exploring new neighbourhoods, is here to help guide you through every step of the renting journey. As part of our mission to improve this journey, we’ve introduced a new way to show off your good tenancy history – endorsements.

When you upgrade your Renter Resume by purchasing a RentCheck, you’ll be given the option to add endorsements for previous properties you’ve rented.

The new endorsements feature on

After you’ve purchased a RentCheck or upgraded your Renter Resume, you’ll be prompted to request endorsements from former property managers for properties you’ve entered as part of your residential history.

Check out the information that has pre-filled and make sure it’s correct. If the name of the real estate agency is incorrect, you can send us an email ([email protected]) or give us a call and we’ll update the information for you. You can reach our Customer Care team on 1300 736 810.


When you request an endorsement, your property manager will be sent an email that asks them to endorse you for good tenancy behaviours, such as:

  • Always paid on time;
  • Kept the place clean;
  • Maintained the gardens;
  • Easy to communicate with;
  • Always polite and friendly; and
  • Received full bond back.

Once your property manager fills out the endorsement request, this information will show up on your Renter Resume. Not only will your profile show you as ‘Agent endorsed,’ but you’ll also be able to see how many endorsements you’ve been given for each tenancy behaviour.

What to expect from the agent

The majority of renters and property managers have a friendly, courteous relationship. They also know the tenancy rules and know to show respect for each other. Property managers are usually busy, so to get their attention, we’ll email them a link where they can quickly and easily provide their feedback on you. From there, we’ll add it to your Renter Resume! We can’t force the property manager to provide this feedback, but assuming you have a great relationship with them, a gentle prompt from you won’t hurt.

How to activate Endorsements on

The new Endorsements feature is available to renters on who upgrade their Renter Resume by purchasing a RentCheck for $25.

RentCheck verifies your ID and uses government records and a rental check on the Equifax National Tenancy Database (NTD), including the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS). Adding a RentCheck to your Renter Resume application gives property managers and landlords comfort that your rental application is trustworthy.

Your RentCheck covers:

  • Tenancy database history: It’s possible you may have problems listed on your National Tenancy Database file. Check now so you can fix or explain any issues listed.
  • Identity verification: It’s important to check your identity can be verified by the property manager and landlord, or you may be rejected when you apply for a rental. Your ID will be checked against Equifax’s identity verification service.
  • Court information: Have you ever been in court for any reason? Bankruptcies, writs & courts judgements against your name will be listed. Check your tenancy report so you can explain any listings.