According to a recent 2016 Federal Election survey (1,541 respondents) conducted by Australia’s leading website dedicated to rental property,, more than 83% of Renters have reported that their needs have not been acknowledged by the major political parties during the election campaign and feel unsupported as a renter living in Australia.

While housing affordability continued as a key issue in the final days of the Federal Election campaign, Renters are calling for more support, improved services, financial incentives and the recognition of renting as an accepted lifestyle choice in Australia.


Renter needs

An overwhelming majority of respondents stated that rents are still too high (95%), and although nearly a quarter of respondents were happy renting with no intention of buying a house (26.6%), more than half of those surveyed (57.5%), believe that renting is still not an accepted lifestyle choice, with the nation remaining firmly attached to ‘home ownership’ and the ‘great Australian dream.’

When asked to rank the key election issues in order of importance, they placed Health (26.8%), Housing (25.5%) and Economy (25.4%) clearly above Safety and Security (9.3%), Environment (8.1%) and Education (8.2%), respectively.

Renters indicated the price bracket best describing their weekly rental payments were mostly in the $350 – $700 bracket (49.06%), followed by the $150-$350 bracket (41.96%).

According to  Founder, Mark Woschnak, the rental demographic in Australia is on the rise consistent with global trends: “Australia’s 7 million Renters make up a significant proportion of around 30% of the population and this number is steadily increasing. ”

This upward trajectory in renter demographics, particularly in the 18-35 age range reflects a growing market, and one in need of more advocacy and recognition. “While housing affordability remains a major priority, renters are also calling for improved services, more options and the acceptance of renting as a respected lifestyle choice, as it is in other parts of the world. ”

“In Australia, we appear to be at a point of increased momentum in the vocalisation of the needs of renters and we’re seeing a shift from the traditional stereotypes that have existed around home ownership. There is no doubt that an increase in housing affordability issues, job mobility, lifestyle and investment preferences, is causing this trend.

“Our data confirms renters are tired of being viewed as second class citizens and disregarded as not having the same respect towards their property as an owner. A rental property is a person’s home and lifestyle choice. A more balanced view is required and we’re committed to proactively addressing it. “We welcome increasing coverage of this trend which’s rent reports and national surveys continue to illustrate. The coverage is imperative to ensuring that the needs of renters remain top of mind, regardless of changing political landscapes.

“Renting has long been a major part of the real estate industry, albeit largely overlooked and underserviced when compared to the property sales and home buying sector, and looks set to increase in its importance and prominence.

“Whether renters are investing, renting or working towards home ownership, we will continue to look closely at this core demographic and work to facilitate better communication, services and support within the entire renting process.”


  1. Yes I agree we have been renting all our life and the same we can pay over $400 per week on a house but no one can lend us money what’s it going to be like for our 3 kids when they get older it’s just getting harder and harder it really is not fair and we are also rent our workshop and the same no one will lend us the money to buy the workshop so we are paying $900 a week but still no loan

  2. There are other purchasing options than the banks. Problem is the people are told they are scams by the ‘consumer advocates” who are generally well educated and believe that the general renter is an idiot. I have been in my place for 10 years on a Rent to Own ( yes loads of bad press) and settlement to my name is in just a couple of days. The house is now worth much more and I have paid off about 40k so far. It worked for me.

  3. I live and rent in Qld where the real estate laws are so slack and controlled by the nasty Property Managers who do an 8 hour course and then control every part of the tenants life. I have never been evicted from any rental property in 35 years but because I am a man on his own I feel a discrimination against me. I had over $30,000 in the bank but struggled to get a house and when I did because it was a 4 bedroom house and I wanted to share, I have had tenants knocked back by the property manager even though I would be the only one named on the lease and fully responsible for payments. Because I am over pension age and now on full pension I will now have to go back to doing some part time bookkeeping to afford to keep renting as prices are so high ands still going up. The government needs to do more for both house buyers and renters in this investment world.

  4. I had my own houses but lost all due to separation I rented a town house for 6 months and then finally got in to renting a NRAS property I was happy, I was always a month or 2 in advance but this property manager made my life a living hell as I refuse to talk my rubbish bin through my house as the side access was blocked by a air conditioning unit ,I tried seeking help from RTA but got no ware I didn’t had extra money to pay for bond or deposit when I told the mediator his response was that is not an excuse if you are told to leave you have to ,as I was given notice to vacat with out reason.some thing has to be done for these real estate agents they make people’s life a living hell even though we are paying there wages and mortgage for the owner but as tenants no one care about us. I hope some one can contact me to deal with issue .

  5. I have a lot to say but all I would like to say someone has to look into this rental agents history as they are rule arrogant specially so many Chinese getting in the housing market and the real estate agents are making the tenants life a living hell .they will be very good at the beginning but as soon as you lodge a complaint about something wrong in the house the tenants are the worst people. What I have been put through is unbelievable.

  6. Negative gearing and the capital gain tax breaks MUST go. Both are entirely responsible for high rents. Landlords use these tax breaks as a means to make bigger loses the objective and thus be rewraded with a lower tax bracket and recouping the difference as a tax refund. This is evident in Perth where despite having the biggest number of rental vacancies on record, rents still remain at elevated levels even above GFC levels. Properties remain empty for months as owners continue to ask for huge rents that the market simply no longer supports.

    Landlords are able to use the negative gearing rules to make these losses and in return get massive tax refunds despite having NO RENTAL INCOME at all. This tax break is a sham and needs to be eliminated.

    Negative gearing and the CGT discount result in higher rents and more unaffordable vacancies stripping home ownership away from families that simply want to buy a place to live in ss a home.

  7. I have been looking to rent a house for 3 years ND I have never rented before I now have 2 kids ND I’m currently living with my parents ND it has taken a lot out of my parents from me ND my kids staying here y is it so hard for people to get a place to rent no one will give me a go cause I have never rented before it really does suck

  8. Rental costs nowadays are too expensive even for Aged Pensioners. Should’ve calculated on how much Aged pensioners like myself gets from Centrelink so they can live comfortably without stress and struggling. They do get about $130 per fortnight tent assistance which isn’t enough. See there are too many homeless old people around.

  9. As i have just been turned down for 11 homes in Newcastle due to the fact i had my daughter very well behaved 15yrold cat.My tenant profile is stamped excellent and i have never had any problems with the 3 children either whilst we rented the last 20yrs,as i was on the Dept Housing list for 22yrs and i still do not deserve a home and im on Dsp payments.
    I have work paid my taxes and im so angry that there is no program with the government for long time renters/housing renters to buy the home they are living in ,we all deserve a chance to own our own home on Australia soil . 19 months of hell in the renter im in now 700 f/n i had black mold new stove put in and aircon as it was full of black mold plus insect omg wasp bites.Never have i been told by an agent that she did not have to make them other 4 tenants clean the villa / home like the other 2 she had showed me i was shocked as i usually stay with the same agents but was so out time /luck .
    So now i was given 90 days To get out after winning with the tribunal l which does not ruin my record and they know i wish to move asap but ive got knocked back because of Narla [cat] ,as luck would have it looking for homes i meet a beautiful woman who daughter villa was trashed by a Dr family from OS that the tax $ pay for .So after a full week and a half of full renos ive got a lovely home with a human sole as a land lord thank god my private its quite so i can study ill pay same rent as now sign lease and bond in hand ,so new chapter in ones life and at the end of the day the tale to the story is i got used abused again in life .
    A huge thing i would like to add is why do others renters feel they have the right to leave a home totally bloody trashed these are the people that should not be aloud to get homes or have some one supervise them my god what ive seen in Newcastle and the agents are just as bad not checking and letting starter know who in the home and the out side arrears not done or security lights change but the owner and you the tenant are still paying a cost never forget that and it is your responsibility to call the dump agent and report it.
    So the dept can shred my file and for the rest of my life i will rent private if i can because i feel the government are such cheats liars they make me sick to my stomach lately as i was thought to respect,but one person can only take so bloody much in life and 5 agents in Newcastle comes to be reasonable for some ones else property.
    Thats life and with know family and a very proud mother of 3 adult children ive done well to service domestic violence family hate and work bulling which reminded me of being at school but this is a hospital ???? never give up always fight on slow and steady goes well.
    cheers good luck to all

  10. everyone is entitled to have a home weather your renting or buying.I last rented a house in the nineties it was a fith of my wages and i could have bought a a labourer never cared for a degree just want to be a labourer.still making the same 18 bucks an hour get about 600 a week cant rent a house cant buy one a labourers pay should rise to 30 bucks an hour or the cost of houses should go back to what they were in the nineties.

  11. Is it true that a pensioner must not rent over 30% of his or her income of so please give me some insight on how we or they live

  12. Landlords check up on your elected Property Manager because they could be just like the one my daughter has! Three Maintenance forms (3) plus images; were left for this Property Manager on the coffee table as she was coming to do the usual three months home inspection. On previous occasions this young Property Manager has come across in her communications as rude and obnoxious. The main maintenance report was to advise the Landlord through the Property Manager that the heads of the nails needed hammering back into the verandah floorboards, have a lick of varnish on the floorboards and some paint onto some of the upright timber posts that paint has flaked off and are now also exposed to rotting. Some parts of the front and back verandah floor boards have no stain/paint on them and are know exposed to the weather elements, hence the floorboards shrink and the nails pop up which in turn cause foot injuries or trip hazards as these nails are directly in front of the stair access to the front door. This maintenance form was marked urgent. If I was a Landlord and my Property Manager had walked on and over these floor boards for the last three house inspections I would change the Property Manager, hell Real Estate Agent! This same Property Manager also didn’t see the large tree branches hanging over the fence and guttering of the rental property from the Council park also during the same period of time! (This particular issue was the second Maintenance Form advising the Landlord/Property Manager that tree lopping and gutter maintenance was the responsibility of either of these two people. They were advised that this was going to be the first and last time that the renter was going to spend three weeks making phone calls to Council to have the job listed to have the trees lopped and that it was in future a job for the Landlord/Property Manager) My daughter had been buying bark chips to replace in the front and back non planted garden beds because the bark chips rotted away (as bark chips do as it is mulch) and exposed the black plastic. Yes, you guessed it I told my daughter to discontinue buying bark chips and advise the Property Manager/Landlord that they are responsible for the upkeep of garden beds if this is the style they want as REPLACEMENT of garden materials are NOT the Tenants responsibility; only the MAINTENANCE of garden and lawns if this is what is written in the tenancy agreement! The home inspection was done by the Property Manager and the Maintenance Forms taken. The Property Manager sent an email/form advising us that a Builder would be sent around in the next 24 hours as she was not a builder! No other information pertaining what maintenance was going to be done or what was going to be inspected or was the builder actually going to spend time varnishing, painting and hammering in nails. The Property Manager is aware that the Renter has a dog that needs to be removed from the property as it can not be tied up if work needs to be done! A week has now passed and no further correspondence has been entered into, however the builder has obviously been as the nails have been hammered in but nothing else has been done! The renter is now left to ponder the capabilities and the care factor of the Property Manager and wonders if the Landlord even knows or cares that his/her asset is rotting (the home appears to be no more than five to eight years old) In the meantime as most Renters do we are forced by law to continuing paying rent (while the owner doesn’t invest back into their property ) and to sit out on the rented verandah sipping away at a fluid beverage after a hard day at the office looking at the unsightly exposed floorboards in disbelief and frustration as there is not a damn thing that can be done without being made to feel like a second class citizen, hours wasted on the phone to the Housing Authority with the constant thought that if you say too much or push too hard to be heard and your rights validated that you will shortly get an eviction notice!!!!

    • As predicted my daughter’s lease was up in March and the Landlord has given her Notice to Leave – without grounds! No maintenance done on the place and the place put on the rental market while she was still living there! A $5 increase in rent which she would have paid had she been asked! The Property Manager didn’t even offer to find her another place! RTA couldn’t help her as it is legal for the Landlord to give Notice to Leave without grounds! We have no other option but try to take it to the Tribunal but we were suppose to lodge a form within four weeks of the Notice ! Sorry, my daughter was too distraught trying to manage the emotional and financial burden caused by these monsters while trying to find another rental in an area with limited rentals available. These monsters know that bond loans are not transferrable to other real estate agencies, so she had to save up for a new bond and relocation expenses due to these monsters greed and they know they can get away with it! This Landlord evicted three lots of tenants nearly all at the same time and had the rentals back on the market before they moved out! I bet they all received Notice to Leave – without grounds! It’s a damn travesty!