Next time you are traveling deep in the Alaskan wilderness, keep an eye out for the Dr Seuss house 


By Michelle Kennedy Hogan, cross-posted from 

Willow, Alaska’s Goose Creek Tower – also known as the Dr Seuss house, for obvious reasons – was built by a creative individual who wanted to have the best view possible of Denali. In fact, the owner wanted to be able to see the mountain so bad, that as the trees around the house got taller, so did the house. Now, the bizarre residence is considered to be one of the great architectural feats of America.


For 10 years, the original owner worked on it until he died. It sat abandoned for almost the same amount of time until a new owner came along and started to work on it. No one really knows what the inside might look like.


As the story goes, the owner originally built the home to get a good view of Denali (Mt. McKinley), American’s tallest mountain.


But he built right after a forest fire, so all of the trees were small.

As the trees grew taller, he would add another level to see the mountain.

Dr Seuss house

You can’t visit the house in person, but if you want to see it, you can get a good view on Alaska’s train north.

You could also get the best views hiring a bush pilot and flying overhead. The house is located in the Mat-Su Valley between Willow and Talkeetna.

By Michelle Kennedy Hogan, cross-posted from