“I have a property and my tenant’s lease renewal is coming up in two months. Who decides whether a lease should be renewed? Me (as the owner) or the property manager?”

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Licensee at K&C Real Estate, Kyla Dawson offered advice to any landlords who are unsure of this step in a tenancy:

“You as the owner have the right to decline or accept the lease renewal,” Kyla said.

“Your property manager will be able to give you expert advice prior to offering the current tenants a lease renewal.”

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Extra tips!

Who decides?

  • If your property is being managed by a property manager, you will generally be contacted via email before the lease is due.
  • Your property manager will seek your instructions if you wish to renew, or in fact not renew the lease.
  • Once the property manager has your approval, they will approach the tenant to have the lease renewed.

If I don’t wish to renew the lease, must I give a reason?

  • For whatever reason, if you choose not to renew your tenant’s lease, you are not obligated to give your tenant a reason for your decision.

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Kyla Dawson

Kyla Dawson is a Sales and Marketing professional with qualifications in real estate and psychology which gives her the natural passion and enthusiasm to deliver the best service level when it comes to sales and acquisitions.