3 Moorhouse Street in Willagee, WA. Property listed by One Residential. Photo: REIWA.

Could you live in a home where a murder took place? The house where Perth killers David and Catherine Birnie committed unspeakable crimes back in the 1980s is back on the market.

3 Moorhouse Street is in Willagee, a suburb about 12km from the Perth CBD, and is described as ‘restored, renewed and refreshed’ on the REIWA sale listing.

The home has retained its original polish jarrah floorboards throughout and comes with an asking price from $459,000.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the property has been sold five times since 1998, but the last time it was listed was back in 2015 with an asking price of $579,000.

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A home with a ghastly past

Back in 1986, David and Catherine Birnie tortured, raped and murdered four women, and were only caught after a fifth intended victim escaped their home.

The murders came to be known as the Moorhouse murders, named after the street the Birnie’s were living on.

“This darling house offers style as well as convenience,” the listing reads. “Sitting on 432sqm and delectably presented, viewing will be a pleasure.”

Despite there being no legislation around ‘stigmatised’ properties, REIWA has indicated most people would consider the history of this house should be disclosed.

In short, if they know the history of the home, real estate agents are obligated to disclose it.

In most cases, agents will disclose facts that are pertinent to the sale at a point when a buyer expresses interest in a property.

‘Stigmatised homes’ refer to properties which often sell for less, because many prospective buyers (or renters) will avoid them like the plague.

The Birnies murdered two victims – Susannah Candy and Noelene Patterson – in the home. None of the victims were buried at the property.

Both David and Catherine Birnie were given life sentences, with 20-year minimums.

David Birnie hanged himself in his cell at Casuarina Prison back in 2005 – but Catherine Birnie remains at Bandyup Women’s Prison in West Swan.

Check out the for sale listing for 3 Moorhouse Street, Willagee here.

What do you think should happen to houses like this?

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  1. Tear it down! Just seeing that same window on the front bedroom where the fifth girl escaped still intact painted white gives me freaking chills.

  2. I’m surprised it is still standing, considering it’s past. The house must be in fair condition. I wouldn’t feel totally comfortable there.