Setting up your Renter Resume is an important step in increasing your chances of application success.

Let’s walk through the setup process on Renter Resume and explore each section you’ll encounter.


In the Residents section, provide details about who will join you in your next rental. Whether it’s an adult or a child, select the appropriate option and fill in the necessary information. If you’re renting alone, no problem! Just select “No one, it’s just me” and proceed. Sharing this information helps landlords and property managers understand your living situation and needs.

Note: Once you complete each section of your Renter Resume, the information will be marked as ‘completed’ and displayed under the relevant section.

Residential History

Navigate to the Residential History section and enter your current address and essential details about your tenancy. Don’t forget to include at least one previous address to give agents and landlords insight into your rental history and experience. Share information about your rental bond, including whether you received it back in full.


Ready to stand out as a responsible renter? In the Identification section, you can add your ID details to verify your identity and increase your chances of securing your next rental. Whether it’s your driver’s licence, passport, or Medicare card, we’ve got you covered.

Enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID, and we’ll cover the rest. Rest assured, your privacy is our priority, and we only share your information with prospective landlords when you apply.

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Employment Status

Let’s discuss your current work situation, whether you’re excelling in a 9-to-5 job, working as a freelancer, or managing classes and a part-time job. Select the option that best describes your current employment status and provide additional details like your income and occupation.

This information helps landlords and agents understand your financial situation and ability to pay rent on time. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we’ve got you covered regardless of your situation.

Personal References

This is your opportunity to shine. Choose people who know you well enough to speak positively about your responsible and trustworthy renter qualities. We recommend selecting references who are not related to you. In this section, provide each reference’s name, relationship, and contact number. For more information on choosing the best references, check out our blog.

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Emergency Contacts

In the Emergency Contacts section, add the details of your next of kin – the person the property owner or manager should contact in case of an emergency. It could be your mom, husband, best friend, or anyone you trust. We also suggest adding an alternative next of kin. We understand the importance of your loved ones and want to ensure they can be there for you when you need them the most.


Congratulations on completing those top sections! Now, let’s move on to the optional items. Here’s your chance to upload documents that can strengthen your rental application, such as ID, supporting documents, and even a Pet Resume if you have furry friends.

ID Documents

Though optional, we highly recommend adding your ID documents in this section. It allows you to prepare for the 100-point ID check agents may require. You can upload documents such as your passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate, Australian driver’s licence, Centrelink card, or student photo ID, among others.

Adding your ID documents now saves time and increases your chances of securing your dream rental property.

Supporting Documents

Make your rental application stand out by uploading documents that strengthen it. Think outside the box and include rental ledgers to showcase your excellent rental history or pay slips from your current job to prove your financial stability.

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Pet Resume

Are you moving with a furry friend? Don’t forget to create a Pet Resume! This personal profile gives landlords and property managers insight into how well-behaved your pet is.

Click ‘Add a Pet’ to get started and enter their name, breed, age, gender, and photo. Highlight their best qualities and what they’ll bring to your new rental. You can even include their vaccinations, microchip, or puppy preschool information.

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Congratulations, you’re almost there! By completing the various sections of your Renter Resume, you’ve taken a step towards securing your next rental property. Once done, you can preview and save your Renter Resume PDF, ensuring everything looks great before sending it out to landlords and agents.

You may have noticed that the progress bar at the top of the page has moved up, reflecting the sections you’ve completed. If it’s not at 100%, don’t worry. A RentCheck purchase will take you all the way, but it’s not required to send applications on

However, if you want to impress potential landlords and display your reliable rental history, identity verification, and financial stability, a RentCheck is an excellent option.

If you’re satisfied with the information you’ve entered, you can start applying for properties. Put your best foot forward and begin your journey toward your new home. For any questions, connect with the team on Live Chat.