“As a landlord in Brisbane, do I have a right to have copies of the keys to my property if it’s managed by an agent? If so, when am I permitted to use them?” Owner, QLD

We asked Licensed Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Profile Real Estate Bardon Principal Christina Penrose for her advice:

“The owner can have a set of keys to their property even if an agent manages it,” Christina said.

“They are permitted to use them to enter the property, provided that they comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.”

Christina explained that an owner might enter the property for purposes such as:

  • Repairs and maintenance;
  • To comply with smoke alarm compliance; or
  • To show a prospective tenant or buyer or for a valuation all with 24 hours’ notice.

“For an inspection of the property, an owner would need to have given seven days’ notice,” Christina said.

“In an emergency, an owner in QLD can enter without notice or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that entry is necessary to protect the property from damage.”

“All notices should be on the approved form, a form 9 (entry notice). They can also enter at any time the tenant agrees but only at a time that suits the tenant.”

“Without the tenant’s approval, an owner can only enter between 8 am and 6 pm, notices much be for a two hour time period which they intend to enter the premises. General inspections cannot occur more than once every three months, and if to show buyers or tenants a reasonable time must have lapsed between entries”.”

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Christina Penrose
Christina Penrose

Christina Penrose is a Licensed Real Estate Agent at Penrose Real Estate, backed by RE/MAX Profile Real Estate in Bardon, Queensland. Christina found her calling in real estate at 23 and rapidly rose to become a top-selling agent. In 2000, she opened her own RE/MAX franchise office. Christina is also the co-author of How to Sell Your Home for a Dream Price in Record Time. Her specialities include real estate sales and marketing and property management services.