For most people, arranging gas and electricity is an afterthought at moving time – and it’s often done too late. The connection process can be frustrating, but that’s where RentConnect can help.

RentConnect is’s free energy connection service, built to make connecting your gas and electricity a breeze.

If you’ve moved house before, you’ll know the experience can be stressful. After packing and coordinating your move, having working lights and a hot shower the day you move in can make all the difference.

There’s also the hassle of calling suppliers, being put on hold, or trying to find the best possible energy deal across multiple websites. Who has time for that?

RentConnect removes any potential for frustration by letting you sign up your energy account in minutes. We’ve partnered with Origin to provide renters with Origin’s great gas and electricity offers. Even better? We’ll throw in a cheeky perk when you sign up through

Get a $100 Gift card when you sign up to Origin through RentConnect 

Connect your gas and electricity with Origin, and will throw in a $100 Gift card for FREE*.

You don’t need to be moving house to switch your gas and electricity connections to Origin. If you’re connected to a different provider, you can move to Origin’s great low rate plans and also get the Gift card bonus.

How it works:

  • ENTER: Enter your name, email and new/current address
  • SELECT: Choose from one of Origin’s great electricity and gas offers
  • CONNECT: Arrange your connection with Origin. Your Gift card from will be posted to your new address after 30 days of connection.

How will I receive my Gift card?

We’ll send your $100 Gift card to your newly updated address after 30 days from when your Origin connection goes live. Your new Origin connection must remain active for 30 days to be eligible for the $100 Gift card.

Are you still searching?

No problem. Opt in today and get the process started. We’ll send you details on how to book your move once you have your new address. You’ll also receive a reminder about how to claim your Gift card once you have a moving date.

Origin will work to ensure you’re connected the day you move in, but it will depend on when you advise them of your moving date. For more information, refer to Origin’s moving FAQs.

Is there a catch?

By harnessing the collective power of renters (and partnering with Origin), we’re here to secure you better deals on your gas and electricity. So while you get access to special, low rates, we’re paid a referral, and Origin gets to power more renters. As Australia’s largest renter site, we see this as a win-win.

Offer terms

* Gift card offer available to residential customers who have opted in for RentConnect with Customers must book their move and/or sign up to electricity and/or gas with Origin and remain on their chosen energy plan for more than 30 days following their connection date. After you have been connected with Origin for 30 days, we’ll arrange to post your $100 Gift card to your newly connected address. Only available in areas where Origin operates. Limit of one Gift card per household (regardless of whether you sign up for both electricity and gas) per twelve months. Gift card not available if customer opts into paying their Origin bills using Bill Smooth with RentPay. Offer only valid for connections arranged within 60 days of the RentConnect opt-in date. Offer not available to existing Origin customers with any energy account at the address to be connected. Not available in conjunction with any other restricted Origin offers. is Australia's largest company dedicated to renters and is owned and operated by ASX-listed Limited (RNT:ASX). For over 15 years, has exclusively focused on making renters' lives easier by making it easier to find a property, secure it, move in and pay rent.