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“The past week or two there has been a lot of yelling and shouting in the corridors of the apartment building I live in by other tenants. Is there anything I can do to complain / report this? I want to move out but I have 6 months left on my fixed-term lease and can’t afford to cover what’s left.” – Tenant, WA.

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We asked Principal/Business Manager at Ray White Leading Edge, Tricia Gilbert for advice on this situation:

Tricia said the best thing to do would be to inform your Property Manager / lessor.

“You are entitled to reasonable quiet enjoyment, comfort and privacy,” she said.

“The Property Manager can then contact the Strata Manager of the complex and the other occupants can be issued with a Breach if necessary.”

For information on your right to quiet enjoyment as it applies to your state or territory, contact the tenancy authority where you live.

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Tricia Gilbert
Tricia Gilbert
Principal, Licensee and Property Manager at Next Level Property Management & Sales | 0410 400 015 | [email protected]

Tricia Gilbert is the Principal, Licensee and Property Manager of Next Level Property Management & Sales in Joondalup, Western Australia. Tricia has worked with Next Level since 2019 and was formerly the Principal and Business Development Manager with Ray White Leading Edge in Clarkson. She is a Certified Practising Real Estate Agent (CPREA). Tricia holds a Triennial Licence and Property Management Licence issued by the WA Department of Commerce. In 2014, Tricia won Property Manager of the Year - WA Metropolitan at the annual Ray White Awards.