Finding your ideal rental property

Finding your ideal rental can make all the difference between living in a place you look forward to getting home to, or constantly working out how to break the lease.

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Photo: iStock/Vesnaandjic

According to, there are a number of physical and emotional aspects for renters to consider when making a decision about their new property and finding a sense of community and connection to a neighbourhood is super important when searching.’s guide to choosing the perfect neighbourhood

  1. First impressions count. Consider your immediate reaction to the area around the property. Look at the surrounding landscape, lighting and availability of parking.
  2. Look at security measures in and around the property. Check out the lighting, security access and dark areas. Do you feel safe? This will also apply to your visitors.
  3. If off-street parking is not an option, access to public transport will be a necessity.
  4. Check out the external features of the building. Is it in good repair? Does it feel inviting?
  5. Look for an overall sense of pride and cleanliness in the immediate surrounds. Do your neighbours have well-maintained properties? A good street often has a flow-on effect across the community.
  6. How far are the local shops, schools, pharmacy, pubs, cafes and restaurants? Are they within walking distance from home? Look at the nearest public transport options.
  7. Your health should be at the top of your list. If you like to walk and exercise, consider the location of the nearest parks, walkways, cycle tracks and gyms.
  8. Remind yourself what it was you want from your neighbourhood. Was it a café lifestyle, an organic community garden, easy beach access or a quiet garden? Don’t let a small price discrepancy get in the way of your dream.
  9. If tranquility is what you’re after, consider potential noise factors in the surrounds. Trains, planes, dogs, nightclubs, thoroughfares and long-term building projects are all worth thinking about.
  10. Go with your instinct. Remember that one of the great advantages of renting is flexibility – you can move out after 6 or 12 months if you’re not happy.