WA has announced an extension to the moratorium on rent increases and other provisions until March 28, 2021.
A long-term tenant is every property investor’s dream. Finding great people to occupy your property is about more than just luck; it’s also about being an awesome landlord.
Moving to a new house can be both exciting as you’re starting a new chapter of your life, but also stressful because there’s lots to organise and fair few costs. SPONSORED BY GEDDIT When we move it’s the perfect time to...
Are you a female aged around 34 and renting a home in Australia? Chances are, you’re not alone. Research from Rent.com.au reveals that Australian renters, on average, are female, earn around $66,000/year and send approximately five property enquiries to...
COVID-19 restrictions remain in place for parts of Queensland. If you rent in QLD, here’s where to get tenancy support. What ongoing restrictions are in place?
If your financial situation has changed, Tic:Toc makes it simple to refinance your home loan.
Rent.com.au Quarterly Snapshot | Q1 2018 Table Included

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