First-time renters: What to know before you rent

Moving out of home for the first time? Here are a few things you should know to get the most out of your first renting experience.

Safer Internet Day a rental search safety reminder

With more than $300,000 lost to rental and accommodation scams in 2020, Safer Internet Day is a...

Rental ledger – Why you should ask for a copy

A rental ledger (or tenant ledger) that shows your rent has been paid on time is one of the more valuable things you can have at the end of your tenancy. 
Check your tenancy history today

How much do you know about your tenancy history?

Ready to apply for your next property? Here are's hot tips to help you secure your dream home with minimal fuss and jump the rental application queue.
How to choose your rental references

How to choose references for your rental application

A great rental application is key to getting the property you want. Once your ID and background checks are done, your references can make or break the deal.

Documents you need to apply for a rental property in Australia

Ready to apply for a rental property? An agent may ask you to provide additional documents to help...

Rental applications – What happens after you apply?

Submitted a rental property application and started the waiting process? You might be wondering how long it takes to process your application and when you'll get an answer.

Renter Resume – How to create a winning rental application

Use these tips to get your Renter Resume in the best shape possible for your move
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Your online security: Protect yourself in your property search

Rental scams and fraud are commonplace today. Don't miss these important online security steps to keep you (and your money) safe during your search.
bond rentalbond payingthebond

What is a rental bond and how does it work?

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty financials – the rental bond. So what is it, and...

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My tenant has requested maintenance but is never home

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