Renter Resume – How to create a rental application on

Renting is easier when you have a Renter Resume. Create it once, and use it to apply for as many properties as you like.
Rental Ledger - Why It's Worth Asking For A Copy From Your Landlord or Property Manager

Rental ledger – Why you should ask for a copy

A rental ledger (or tenant ledger) that shows your rent has been paid on time is one of the more valuable things you can have at the end of your tenancy. 

Rental applications – What happens after you apply?

Submitted a rental property application and started the waiting process? You might be wondering how long it takes to process your application and when you'll get an answer.

How soon should I start searching for rentals?

If your lease is coming to an end, or you're about to rent for the first time, you might wonder about the best time...

The pros and cons of periodic agreements

Navigating the Australian rental market isn't easy. If your lease is coming up for renewal, you need to determine whether you're looking for a...

No rental history – How to get a rental property

Renting for the first time? If you're starting to apply for properties but don't have rental history to back you up, here's how to show you'll be a great tenant.
How to choose your rental references

How to choose references for your rental application

A great rental application is key to getting the property you want. Once your ID and background checks are done, your references can make or break the deal.
Documents you need to apply for a rental property in Australia

Documents you need to apply for a rental property in Australia

Ready to apply for a rental property? An agent may ask you to provide additional documents to help with the application process.  When you find the...

How to enquire and apply for a rental property

If you’re house hunting and looking for information on how to send enquiries and applications, this post should cover all the basics.

Renter Resume – How to create a winning rental application

Finding the right home can be tough under the best of circumstances, and even more so when you're not 100% prepared. Use these tips...

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