A great rental application is key to getting the property you want. Once your ID and background checks are done, your references can make or break the deal.
Give these tried and tested rental application hacks a go to get to the top of the application pile.
"Is it possible to apply for a rental property without viewing it in person? I work full time and can’t make viewings during the day."
"How long should it take to have a rental application approved or processed? When is an acceptable time to follow-up on the property?"
Ready to apply for a rental property? An agent may ask you to provide additional documents to help with the application process.  When you find the perfect home, it's a...
Use these tips to get your Renter Resume in the best shape possible for your move
Director/licensee at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson offers some advice on how long you must be employed before an agent will consider a tenancy application.
“Is it true that you must be present for property viewings in Queensland? I am moving to Bundaberg in October but will not be able to travel there ahead."
Managing Director at Investors Edge Real Estate, Jarrad Mahon offers advice on the best way for renters to demonstrate a history of weekly rent payments
"It feels like people without a rental history are victimised. Surely the most important thing is a person’s credit history?"

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