Here’s why backing yourself with an emergency fund is a strong (and smart) financial strategy.
What happens if you need to bail before the lease is up? Here's what you need to know.
If you rent a property in Australia, you're probably going to encounter routine rental inspections. These inspections can cause stress because many tenants don't know what's expected of them.
Are you struggling to afford your rental payments? Here’s what you can do to give yourself more time and recover from your current situation. Australia’s in the midst of...
Feeling frustrated and stressed is normal when you find out your landlord's selling up. But don't panic. Here's what you need to know about your rights and obligations as a tenant.
The trick to a hassle-free exit from your lease is organising your cleaning regime within a proper timeframe. Use these tips to make your next bond clean a success.
Moving out of home and into your very own apartment can be incredibly liberating - but that excitement can wear thin if you start off unprepared.
Rents are rising in many states across Australia, where many areas have vacancy rates of just above zero. So what do you do when asked to stretch your budget to meet a rent increase?
When your lease finishes, you can sign on for another fixed-term period, or move to month-to-month. Here are 5 benefits to renewing.
Renting in Queensland and affected by floods and storms? If you want to leave or want to negotiate rent, here's what to do.

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