Buying a home can feel unachievable when you're just getting started. So how can you save enough money to cover a deposit?
Buying your first home is an exciting prospect, but before you start looking, it's important to answer one fundamental question: How much can you afford to spend?
Have you ever checked your credit score? Or just wondered what exactly it is? Credit scores can be pretty confusing, and they’re not something most people think about until they have to.
Many Australians have never heard of the Pension Loans Scheme, and many more assume it’s just for pensioners, which is understandable given its name.
Following some of the key learnings can remove a little of the stress and surprise from the journey. Here are 9 tips for first home buyers.
With housing affordability set to be a key election issue, the 2022 federal budget expands the scheme to help first home buyers.
Looking for a home loan? A bank might be your first thought, but it's not the only option. In fact, online lenders are a great way to find a home loan with low rates.
If you’re paying off a mortgage – or aspiring to – imagine if you didn’t have to worry so much about rising interest rates.
You've saved for your first home and have your deposit ready. So what is stamp duty and how does it work?
Saving money takes time. But if putting enough away for a home deposit is your goal, we know a few tricks to get you there sooner.

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