How do you negotiate a longer rental property lease?

"How do I negotiate a longer lease with my property manager?" Tenant, NSW

Can I reschedule my routine inspection?

"Can I reschedule my routine inspection?" (Tenant, NSW) We asked MMJ Real Estate Dapto Property Manager, Laura McDiarmid for her advice. "You’re very welcome to contact your agency/owner to request...

If I break my lease, do I continuing paying the rent?

"If I break my lease in New South Wales around 6 months earlier than the official fixed-term ends, would I be responsible for paying...

My neighbour is a chronic smoker and I can’t enjoy the fresh air

"Is there a tenancy law in NSW that covers the air pollution from my neighbour’s smoking?" We asked Theo Cleary for his advice.

I’ve been blacklisted, will I be able to rent again?

"I've been blacklisted as a renter. Will be able to rent again?" We asked Debbie Palmer for her advice.

Does my landlord have the right to look through my cupboards?

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Will I be accepted for a property if I only have one income?

"My partner and I need to move soon, but at the moment my partner doesn’t have an income. Will we have trouble finding a...

Can my agent bring people through my rental when I’m not home?

If you've given notice to vacate your rental property, do you also have to allow the agent to bring prospective renters through the home?

What does a room need to be a bedroom?

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a bedroom? Turns out, there's no legal definition for a bedroom in Australia.

What changes can I make to my rental property?

You might be busting to make some changes to your property, but you're renting and wondering what your options are in Australia. The answer, unfortunately,...