Is a routine inspection a test to see how tidy my house is?

"I get scared at inspection time – is it a test to see how tidy my house is?" We ask Tina Case at Professionals Lithgow for her advice.

Why are my rental applications always rejected?

"I've been applying for properties, but I'm having no luck. Why do I keep getting rejected by every real estate agent and landlord when I apply for a rental property?"

No income and no history: Can I still rent a property?

“How can I rent with no rental history, no credit history and no income? Is there a way around it?"– Felicity Aimee, we spoke to...

Can I apply for a rental without viewing it first?

"Is it possible to apply for a rental property without viewing it in person? I work full time and can’t make viewings during the day."

What could get me blacklisted on a rental tenancy database?

While the occasional late rent payment is unlikely to earn you a listing on a tenancy database, consistently late payments might. Many Australian tenants...

How do I submit a winning application? I don’t want to miss out

"I'm applying for properties, but I'd like some tips on submitting a winning application. I'm also on...

Change of mind – can I get out of my lease agreement?

“I’ve paid the bond and signed the contract for my rental. But I’ve changed my mind." We asked Jenni Hansen for her advice.

Can my property manager take photos of my rental at an inspection?

Has a property manager indicated they need to take photos of your home at your next inspection? There are good reasons this could happen, but you may be able to object to some photos being taken.

Can I negotiate the rent on my lease agreement?

Principal at Ray White South Perth, Lisa Kerr offers advice on whether to negotiate rent with your landlord or property manager.

How long can a guest stay with me in my rental property?

"How long can a guest stay with me before it becomes a problem?" We asked Emma Bettencourt for her advice.

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