If you’re about to move house, you’re probably concerned about settling your dog into a new environment. Here are our tips to make the transition for your pooch as stress-free as possible. 
The search for a pet-friendly rental property in Australia can be a challenging experience, but luckily there is a solution: Pet Resume.
The heat of an Australian summer can be unbearable - especially when temperatures start to soar. While cold drinks and swimming at the beach can provide us with some relief, have you thought about how your furry friends will...
Love indoor plants, but want to keep your furry friends healthy? Check out these non-toxic plants.
People often underestimate what caring for a cat entails. Here are some of the important things to think about.
It seems that 40% of Australian dogs are not walked enough and that a similar percentage of dogs are overweight or obese.
Do you live in a small apartment but love dogs? Good news - the size of your space doesn't mean you need to give up on your pet ownership dreams.
It can be tempting to sneak your pet into your rental. but there are several good reasons to avoid this.
Is there a pet in your family named Bella or Buddy? What about a Max or Ruby? Rent.com.au has released the most popular names for pets with a Pet Resume.
Dogs reign supreme as Australia's most loved household pet, with cats sitting in second place, according to new data from Rent.com.au.

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