Is working from home the best policy to beat congestion?

As almost anyone who wastes countless hours stuck in traffic would agree, there’s little more frustrating for workers than starting or ending the day with an overly long commute.

Pet ownership in ACT made easier with new rules for units

Renters will find it easier to keep pets at home, with regulations around pet ownership relaxed under new laws for ACT units.

$1 billion per year (or less) could halve rental housing stress

COVID has shown us what’s possible when it comes to alleviating poverty.

WA’s $600 Household Electricity Credit starts this weekend

Synergy and Horizon Power will apply the government's $600 Household Electricity Credit from November 1.

How COVID all but killed the Australian CBD

The impacts on CBDs across Australia’s capital cities have been devastating. We explore these impacts city by city in this article.

Mould and damp: We need a healthy housing agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink how we approach health and protect our populations. It has amplified social and economic vulnerability.

No more pet bans: Pets allowed in Sydney apartments

No blanket ban on pets will be permitted in any building anywhere in New South Wales, under a surprise Court of Appeal ruling.

COVID impacts demand a change of plan: funding a shift from commuting to living...

Long-term planning has delivered mass transit systems to cater for high-patronage, hub-and-spoke transport systems. Unfortunately, this has left many city residents without basic access to public transport services. And we could never have planned for the impacts of COVID-19.

Budget 2020-21: What’s in it for Australia’s renters?

As COVID-19 exposed how important our homes are, Australia was looking for a new approach, but renters may have mixed feelings about the news.

JobSeeker cuts could cause ‘crippling’ rental stress in our cities

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to shut down, state governments acted to avoid evictions by introducing moratoriums.