Build-to-rent surge will change apartment living for Australians, but for better or worse?

Australia’s emerging build-to-rent sector is growing — “booming” by some accounts with a 70% jump in value in the past year.

COVID street experiments have opened our eyes to creating better cities

Experiments can help us navigate change in cities. They can also make us braver by allowing us to test out ideas that might fail or that not everyone seems to like.

Zoning isn’t to blame for Australia’s soaring house prices

The real estate industry says if only we relaxed the zoning rules and allowed more houses and apartments to be built on each block, housing would be cheaper, maybe A$355,000 per unit cheaper if the Reserve Bank is right.

States housed 40,000 for COVID emergency, but rough sleeper numbers are up

The numbers Australia’s emergency housing program needed to shelter showed our homelessness problem is much larger than often imagined...

Post-pandemic cities can permanently reclaim public spaces as gathering places

Will the COVID-19 pandemic prompt a shift to healthier cities that focus on wellness rather than functional...

Green buildings can bring fresh air to design, but they can also bring pests

Throughout the world, architects are designing green buildings, whether it’s in their sustainable construction, environmentally friendly operation...
CBD parking

Australian cities need post-COVID vision, not free parking

Cities around the world are basing their recovery strategies on bold and evidence-based urban transformations.

Eliminating most homelessness starts with prevention and ‘housing first’

The stereotype of a homeless person – those living in tents or sleeping in parks or doorways...

Regional Australia’s time has come – planning for growth is now vital

Australian governments have always wanted thriving regional cities, but policy innovations with this goal in mind have a bad history.

Renters in Victoria soon won’t have to deal with dodgy heaters and insulation. Now...

Renters will no longer have to contend with poorly insulated homes and Victoria will move closer towards 7-star home efficiency standards under a A$797 million plan announced this week.