There are several simple ways to show off your great financial standing without written proof of past rental payments. Here's where to start.
Rental increases are part and parcel of most tenancies, but it pays to know what your landlord can and can't do while you're renting.
Where you live in Australia plays an important role in what you’ll be charged for your rental bond. Here’s what you need to know.
Your weekly rent isn’t the only thing you have to budget for when you sign your next lease. Here are some of the potential costs you need to think about when planning to rent. Upfront costs of renting  Rental bond A...
It can be tough to know what you can afford to rent without cutting off your long-term financial goals.
Business Development Manager at Absolute Real Estate, Michelle Kathopoulis answers the question 'What is rent in advance?'
“I’m moving to a new house soon. Can I transfer the bond from one property to another?" We asked John Gilmovich for his advice.
The rent you pay your landlord or agent gives you the right to live in your property. Exactly how rent works can vary from one landlord to another, so it's important you understand your lease before you sign it.  First...
Looking for an easy way to finance your rental bond and make moving a breeze? With RentBond, you can get a short-term loan while you wait for your bond refund - and if you pay it back within 21 days, it's completely free!
Renting a property in Western Australia and curious to know what's involved in breaking your lease agreement? Here are some costs to keep in mind.

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