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Rental increases are part and parcel of most tenancies, but it pays to know what your landlord can and can't do while you're renting.
It's not uncommon for your power bill to surge a couple of hundred dollars during the cooler months. So how do you reduce your electric bill and save money?
The cost of living is biting the best of us. With inflation already here, the onus is now on you to spend your money more wisely. Here are some ideas to help you navigate soaring prices - and save a buck along the way.
It can be hard to save money while living paycheck to paycheck and feeling financially strapped.
Making New Financial Year’s resolutions might not technically be a thing, but here are a few top money tips you might consider before the 2022-23 financial year kicks off. Pick one and...
It’s that time of year again. If you're due to receive a refund this this tax season, you might wonder what to do with the extra dough. Here's how to get the...
Here’s why backing yourself with an emergency fund is a strong (and smart) financial strategy.

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