Pot plants: Why they’re a renter’s best friend

Portable, potted plants are the ideal solution for people who rent or have no soil. Here are some easy ways to grow and display your potted plants.

3 budget-friendly tips to re-energise your home in 2021

We all start the year with the best of intentions, to eat healthy, to use that dormant gym membership and to be the best,...

Make your own snowflake Christmas decorations

Want to keep the kids busy over the holidays? Here are three simple ways to incorporate hand-cut snowflakes into your home decorations this year.

What to do on National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Let’s be honest, we all need a little extra motivation to spring clean our fridge. National Clean Out Your Fridge Day (Nov 15) is...
mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning guide: How to remove stains and smells

Want to sleep better at night? You need to invest in the best mattress you can afford. But it’s not just a matter of buying a nice mattress and enjoying it, you also need to keep it clean and in shape.

6 hacks to freshen your home for spring

In spring, Australia begins to enjoy a feeling of freshness and regeneration. The flowers (and pollen) come out, and the air starts to warm....

How to declutter your living room in 20 minutes

Living room, front room - whatever you call it, chances are you spend a lot of time sitting there. Even if you're the only...

20 tips to make your space look and feel bigger

Fitting everything you own into a small home is a challenge many of us will face. Here are some tips to make your space...

10 smart ways to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Redecorating a bathroom can become a costly task if you hire professionals, so it’s worth giving some budget solutions a look. Guest post - Stella...

7 tips to help you lower your utility bill this winter

This winter, buttoning up jackets shouldn’t be the only thing you do to keep you and your family cosy.

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