This mansion has a small ‘town’ built in its basement

An otherwise-normal mansion is up for sale that seems to have a small town built into its basement.

Is this the greatest house listing of all time?

From the outside, this brick ranch on the outskirts of Pittsburgh looks fairly nondescript. But the home's contents are out of this world.

Save space in your rental with a vertical garden

You can maximise the space you have in a number of ways by remembering that plants are happy to grow anywhere as long as they have a little bit of soil, some sunshine, and a drop of water.

Australia’s most (and least) romantic street names

Love has inspired countless selfless gestures and works of art over the years. But have you thought about its influence on our street and...

This home is a $39.2m tribute to all things Star Wars

Consider yourself a Star Wars tragic? A home to impress even the biggest fan is on sale for $US26.5 million ($A39.2 million). The six-bedroom mansion in Los Angeles' Hidden Hills has a basement to house a huge collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

Terrible property photos: The best of the worst on the internet

The mantra ‘location, location, location’ often concerns buying a house, but some owners would do well to apply it to their photography. Should one, for...

What is Rose Day and how do we celebrate it?

As lovers across the world await the most romantic day in February, Rose Day gives them an opportunity to express their feelings with flowers.

7 rentals with beautiful bathrooms you could rent today

Bathtub. Candlelight. Enough bubbles to outdo any Lush store. Does the thought of a sweet bathroom light your imagination? Here is our pick of the...

Simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re saving or broke

While we should all try to celebrate love and its many splendours throughout the year, Valentine's Day asks us to celebrate it in a BIG way.

Pot plants: Why they’re a renter’s best friend

Portable, potted plants are the ideal solution for people who rent or have no soil. Here are some easy ways to grow and display your potted plants.

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