7 jobs to tackle around the home in summer 2020

Everyone has jobs on their list that never seem to get done and keep getting pushed further down the list. It is time to make summer 2020 the year these items are ticked off.

Property owners: Is self-managing for you?

Self-managing your property: The pros and cons  For many property owners, the natural step after purchasing an investment property is deciding how they plan to...

Back to basics on property depreciation

How does investment property depreciation work? Sponsored article courtesy of Washington Brown What is depreciation? Let’s start right at the beginning. Depreciation is basically a tax deduction available...

Should my property be checked for termites?

"Should I have my property checked regularly for termites? Is it worth the expense?" We asked Kyla Dawson at K&C Real Estate for her advice.

How to use tenancy databases accurately and fairly

Tenancy databases are a risk management tool for property managers and owners, designed to screen the tenancy history of prospective tenants.

Landlords beware: Are you smoke alarm compliant?

WITH just over a week until the official start of winter, it’s a good time for landlords to ensure their smoke alarms are working.

How to handle tribunal and bond claims

After a peaceful three years without any NCAT hearings, I've had a run of them over the last three months, varying from tenant evictions to simple bond claims. Guest...
Hidden Risks DIY Renovation

The five hidden risks behind DIY renovating

If you’ve ever renovated your own home or investment properties, even on a small scale, then you know how satisfying it can be to...

What rooms add value to your home?

How much could fixing up one room add to your home's value? Article republished with permission of LJ Hooker We've had a look at some...

Steps to take when your tenant gives notice to vacate

As a self-managing landlord, it's important for you to be proactive to reduce confrontation and headaches, but also move new tenants into your house without losing weeks of rent.