Managing your property

Illegally dumped tyres in Western Australia

Tyre dumping scam warning for WA landlords

Scam warning: Perth landlords are being reminded to carry out regular property inspections and due diligence when choosing tenants.

How to manage your property during COVID-19

Many landlords and investors will be starting to feel a hit as a result of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

3 ways to make more money from your investment property

If you can find the right property, at the right price, in the right location, you’re looking at a recipe for success. Matching those three elements will do a lot to push your property’s value up over time.

Should my property be checked for termites?

"Should I have my property checked regularly for termites? Is it worth the expense?" We asked Kyla Dawson at K&C Real Estate for her advice.

How to use tenancy databases accurately and fairly

Tenancy databases are a risk management tool for property managers and owners, designed to screen the tenancy history of prospective tenants.

Window cleaning maintenance for property owners

As a window cleaner, I believe windows are one of the more underrated property features. Guest post - Paul Routledge, owner/operator of Twenty20 Window Cleaning. Picture...

Good habits for tax-smart property investors

LJ Hooker offers the following good habits to help property investors navigate tax time. Which of these points are most relevant to you? Article reproduced...

Property styling – Is it worth the investment for landlords?

Everyone wants the best return on their rental investment or final sale of their property. Here’s what you need to know about property styling...

5 things to look for in a property manager

Whether you’ve just bought an investment property or you’re hoping to spend less time on your existing properties, you might be looking into hiring...
April checklist for home

An April home checklist for renters and landlords

April brings us one month into autumn, and while the temperature hasn’t really dropped across much of Australia, the season will change.