"I'm considering turning my house over to an agent in South Australia towards the end of the year. What are the chances of renting out my house just before the Christmas period?"
"As a property owner, how often and by how much can you increase your rental property rent, per annum?"
"What is the best way to protect my property while also allowing my tenant to have a pet?" We asked Jarrad Mahon for his advice.
Disputes relating to the condition of a property at the end of a tenancy are not uncommon.
"My tenant has cut down a large tree on my property. It was a key feature of the backyard, offered privacy and was the only shade available for entertaining and the children’s play...
The land tax discount has doubled from 25 to 50% for eligible landlords, under new measures announced by the Victorian Government.
Many landlords and investors will be starting to feel a hit as a result of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.
"What are the main reasons my property manager will need to communicate with me and what form will that typically take?" Owner, WA
"My property is being managed by an agent. Do I need to arrange maintenance to the property myself?" We asked R&H Terrigal's Madeleine Smith for advice.
Offering a furnished rental property to tenants can demand higher rental yields, but this can be offset by high tenant turnover.

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