Purchasing a property? Here are six secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal.
“What happens if the cost of repairs to my investment property is higher than the bond the tenant has paid?” (Owner, WA)
What are the most important things to look for when investing in a property for the first time? It’s a commonly asked question among budding investors.
As a landlord in Brisbane, do I have a right to have copies of the keys to my property if it’s managed by an agent? If so, when am I permitted to use them?
"I'm considering turning my house over to an agent in South Australia towards the end of the year. What are the chances of renting out my house just before the Christmas period?"
"As a property owner, how often and by how much can you increase your rental property rent, per annum?"
A long-term tenant is every property investor’s dream. Finding great people to occupy your property is about more than just luck; it’s also about being an awesome landlord.
"What is the best way to protect my property while also allowing my tenant to have a pet?" We asked Jarrad Mahon for his advice.
New rules and processes are in place around gas and electricity safety checks for Victorian rental providers.
"Can I insist my tenants use a professional cleaner on their vacate, even to the point where this is included in the original tenancy agreement?"

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