Cat-Opoly is just like Monopoly, but it's better 'cause it has cats!

We can all be very thankful that someone has created Cat-Opoly, a whole board game filled with the world’s favourite four-legged friends.

This game has great appeal to the team at – let’s face it – we LOVE all things property. And cats.

In the original you bought properties, but this time around, you buy breeds, which, like in Monopoly, become more expensive as you go around the board, beginning with the Ocicat and ending in Persian.

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To add to the mix, rather than buying houses, you can buy litter boxes (though why a cat needs more than one litter box is a mystery) and then trade them for fish bones.

Best of all, you get to play with adorable cat related pieces from yarn to sardines.


For those who prefer their dogs to cats, never fear. The makers of the game have also created Pug-Opoly. Yep, a whole board game about pugs.

Now your biggest problem will be choosing which one to buy because both look pretty awesome.