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“I’m a tenant in NSW. Can spare bedrooms in a rental ever be legally sublet without landlord approval?” – David

Can renters legally sublet rooms?
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We asked Property Manager at Professionals Lithgow, Tina Case, for her advice on whether tenants can legally sublet rooms without landlord approval.

“Hi David, your question is a hot topic in real estate right now and the simple answer to your question is no,” she said.

“You must have the permission of the landlord in writing before you sublet any part of the premises.”

“If you are wanting to sublet a bedroom on the premises, I would recommend that you approach your landlord in writing, stating who the person is that you are wanting to sublet to, giving all of their details and identification, in the same way that you applied for the property.”

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Tina Case
Tina Case
Director & Property Manager at Professionals Lithgow | [email protected]

Tina Case is the Director and Property Manager at Professionals Lithgow in New South Wales. Tina has worked with the Lithgow office since 2008 and specialises in people and arrears management, trust accounting, conflict resolution and NCAT hearings. She has lived in the Lithgow area for more than 40 years and used her passion for property management to open her own Professionals office.