As a private landlord, I find it hard to gauge the correct level of cleanliness my past tenants should leave. I often find myself cleaning the property myself, which doesn’t make me happy. Can I insist my tenants use a professional cleaner on their vacate, even to the point where this is included in the original tenancy agreement?”

We asked the Managing Director / Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate, Jarrad Mahon, for his advice.

“Tenants are required to hand back the property in a state that corresponds to the original condition of the property,” he said.

This condition is documented in a Property Condition Report, which all parties sign at the commencement of the lease. The report allows for fair wear and tear.

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“If you gave the property to the tenants in a clean condition, and you can prove that, then you can organise cleaners and deduct the cost from the tenant’s bond,” Jarrad said.

“Usually, the best approach is first to give the tenants two days to come back and clean, then get a professional if the job is not done properly.”

Jarrad said that if the tenant disputes your deduction and the matter cannot be resolved, you will need to take the issue to court.

A competent property manager would handle all this for you and more than pay for themselves,” he said.

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Jarrad Mahon
Jarrad Mahon
Managing Director / Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate | [email protected]

Jarrad Mahon is the Managing Director and Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate in Perth, Western Australia. Jarrad is an experienced property investor, selling agent and the 'go to' for Perth property market strategies and award-winning property management. He hosts the popular Perth Property Insider podcast, offering listeners strategies and mindset tips to grow their wealth, and is the author of The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide - How to Master the 5 Price Influencers.