On the hunt for a rental that’s a little out of the ordinary? Rent.com.au has added a search filter to help you locate and apply for new build-to-rent developments around Australia.

Our brand-new build-to-rent search filter empowers you to search for the type of home you want in the exact locations you’d like to live.

Australia’s build-to-rent sector is starting to gather steam, with Home in Melbourne’s Southbank one of the first to open its doors. Analysts predict BTR will grow from hundreds to as many as 10,000 developments across the country.

At Rent.com.au, we believe build-to-rent offers a great deal for renters, and it’s a breath of fresh air at a time with record-low rental stock.

Build-to-rent is giving renters longer leases, lease security, the option to paint, pets, and all the amenities that renters keep telling us they want. The build-to-rent model builds community and fills a hole in the Australian housing market.

Now, the path forward is easier, whether you’re in the market for a traditional rental or something a little different. Here’s how to level up your search and get ahead of the competition. 

How does it work?

Now available on Rent.com.au’s mobile and online experience, the build-to-rent search functionality makes your property search experience faster, simpler and easier, allowing you to sift through the listings on the map or search results feed.

To use the tool, search for a suburb, i.e. ‘Southbank, VIC,’ and scroll down to filter search results using ‘Preferred’ under the ‘BTR (Build to Rent) filter.

You can also save your multi-location searches with build-to-rent selected to receive email and push notifications when new listings are added.

Our designers and engineers are working daily to create new tools that help save you time and effort, making searching for your next home on Rent.com.au faster and more enjoyable.

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4 tips to level up your Rent.com.au search game

  • Saved searches. Saving your searches and updating your email preferences is the best way to get new rental listings sent to you the minute they hit the market. Or, if your home search is more casual, you can switch to daily or weekly notifications.

    By saving your search, you’ll get personalised recommendations of new homes that check off the boxes on your wishlist. 
  • Search filters: Filters are your best friend when narrowing down your options. Our search filters allow you to curate a list of homes based on the features that are most important to you.

    Filter for the perfect number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and even specify nice-to-haves like a pool or dishwasher. Or, if you’re looking for a specific property vibe, you can filter by home type (Townhouse, Apartment units, Villa duplex).
  • Decide what’s most important to you: Tap into what you love and need before settling on search criteria. Ideally, your property search will be tailored to you from the offset, and you can save yourself plenty of wasted rental viewings on homes that aren’t quite right. 
  • Pick the best suburb for you: Think about the lifestyle you want to live. Our Suburb Reviews feature is a great way to get a feel for your future neighbourhood. Is the area perfect for families or close to nightlife? Do you want to be close to public transport or cafes? See what Australia’s renters think about your next suburb before you settle.