If I break my lease in New South Wales around 6 months earlier than the official fixed-term ends, would I be responsible for paying for rent for the remaining six months of the agreement if no tenant can be found? Is there a cut-off period?” (Tenant, NSW)

We asked Raine & Horne Concord Property Manager, Theo Cleary for his advice:

“Unless a deal is made (eg. if a tenant can be found) then you pay until that tenant moves in,” Theo said.

“If the tenant allows access then they will only be charged up until a certain date, then yes, technically a tenant would be responsible for that 6 months or the break lease fee (this will change depending on the length of the lease”).

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Theo Cleary
Theo Cleary
Senior Portfolio Manager at BresicWhitney | 0490 467 670

Theo Cleary is the Senior Portfolio Manager at BresicWhitney, New South Wales. Theo joined the BresicWhitney team in 2021 after six years working with Raine & Horne Concord as a Property Manager. Founded by Ivan Bresic and Shannan Whitney in Darlinghurst, the company has built a reputation for improving the real estate experience across buying, renting, selling and asset management.