If I break my lease in New South Wales around 6 months earlier than the official fixed-term ends, would I be responsible for paying for rent for the remaining six months of the agreement if no tenant can be found? Is there a cut-off period?” (Tenant, NSW)

We asked Raine & Horne Concord Property Manager, Theo Cleary for his advice:

“Unless a deal is made (eg. if a tenant can be found) then you pay until that tenant moves in,” Theo said.

“If the tenant allows access then they will only be charged up until a certain date, then yes, technically a tenant would be responsible for that 6 months or the break lease fee (this will change depending on the length of the lease”).

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Theo Cleary
Property Manager at

Theo joined the team at Raine & Horne Concord with a desire to succeed in the Real Estate Industry and a background in Customer Service. He enjoys the office dynamic, providing constant support to the management team. His primary concern is our clients and he uses his excellent communication skills, sociable personality and professionalism to provide a customer service experience of outstanding quality.