Is your credit rating stressing you out? With RentPay’s Scorebuilder feature, your repayment history can contribute to your credit score.

Knowing your credit score and what it does is important if you want to move forward with your finances.

Reliable payment history is important, especially when rent is commonly the biggest expense most households have each week.

Let’s unpack the basics together.

Build your credit score with Scorebuilder

RentPay’s digital wallet gives you more control, flexibility and choice in how you pay rent. One of the great features worth considering is Scorebuilder.

By activating Scorebuilder, you can access an interest-free line of credit for up to one week’s worth of rent.

If your credit score is very low or damaged (don’t worry, it happens), Scorebuilder can help improve your standing by using your first 3 months of good conduct to qualify for a line of credit. Easy.

This line of credit will appear on your Equifax credit file with the narration ‘One Card Credit,’ who issue the facility.

We report your account status to Equifax each month you have the Scorebuilder feature active, which over time may assist in boosting your credit score.

How does Scorebuilder work?

  • Opt-in: Opt-in to Scorebuilder when you activate RentPay. It’s optional, and you can opt out at any time.
  • Sign up: There’s a one-time $3 fee to set up, then $1 per month while you keep Scorebuilder active. Being opted into Scorebuilder means you can also access a week’s worth of rent as a line of credit.
  • Build score: We’ll report positive conduct, which may, over time, help to build your credit score.

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How much can Scorebuilder improve my credit score?

The impact of Scorebuilder on your credit score will depend on various factors, including other credit facilities you may have outside of RentPay that can also impact your score, such as credit card or loan repayments.

Have questions? The RentPay support team is ready to help. Call 1300 797 933 or send us an email.

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