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Above: The pool-within-a-pool at the Laucala Island resort, in Fiji, (via Conde Nast Traveler)

The world has a number of mind-blowingly cool and unique pools. We couldn’t help but marvel at these beauties.

  1. This marble-sided pool at the Sala Ayutthaya Hotel, in Thailand, has a beautiful feel to it. 
Image credit: Home Adore
Image credit: Home Adore
Image credit: Home Adore

2. This mysterious pool, watched over by a basalt sculpture is part of sculptor Xavier Corbero’s Barcelona home.

Image credit: AD Magazine
3. A gorgeous limestone quarry turned swimming pool sits on a family estate in Massachusetts. 

Image credit: Yahoo

4. This, right here, is a dramatic looking cantilevered pool – the centerpiece of a very modern golf course home in Portugal. The house itself is U-shaped and wraps around the pool, because why not?

Image credit: knstrct
5. Ooh-la-la. Moroccan tiles cover the bottom of this swimming pool. This is a Spanish villa in Andalucia.

Image credit: AD Magazine

6. And you can’t go past a pool with a waterfall. This cascading waterfall makes this swimming pool in the south of France (sigh!) especially refreshing. Oh, how the other half live… 

Image credit: AD Design File
7. This swimming pool is surrounded by a sculpture garden… and yet the pool itself is a sculpture all on its own.

Image credit: Crocus

7. Over to Turkey. The stripes of tile on the bottom of this pool at the Alavya Hotel look extra refreshing.

Image credit: Alavya
Image credit: Alavya

8. This elegant lap pool has the best of both worlds: Swimming and swinging.



Image credit: Marie Claire Maison

9. Beautiful blue mosaic tiles and an orange wall add a little excitement to this Palm Springs pool

beautiful pools
Image credit: AD Design File
10. Something different! This Brazilian home in São Paulo boasts a swimming pool with green tiles, which help it blend effortlessly into the garden’s lush foliage
Image credit: Dwell
11. The pool at the Siam Hotel in Bangkok looks extra refreshing, thanks to the dark tiled bottom.
Image credit: A Bikini A Day

12. And, finally. This is possibly one of the most unique pools of all – and it’s a DIY! So all you need is a little bit of space, a really, really big tarp and… 70 bales of hay. This DIY can be found on 1001 Gardens 🙂 

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