avoid common rental scams

With some 21.6% of Australians enrolled to study at a tertiary or technical institution, a large number of students will continually be searching for off-campus accommodation. These numbers can add to the pressure of securing a place at university and accommodation.

Rent.com.au has some handy tips to help you avoid scammers when looking for a place to live.

The warning signs – What to watch out for

  • When searching for rental properties, be wary of properties that sound too good to be true. You can usually spot this when a property is significantly cheaper than other similar properties in the same area.
  • Constant excuses from an owner as to why the property can’t be viewed in person – they may tell you they’re overseas.
  • The owner may tell you that securing a property requires you to pay an upfront fee via money transfer.

Protect yourself from rental scams

  • Don’t pay deposits or send money over money transfer if you haven’t personally seen the property. It is sometimes difficult to recover money transferred this way.
  • Run a search of the name of the person offering you the property. You may find their email address provides useful information about past scams.
  • Insist on inspecting the property yourself – don’t just rely on a drive past. With these types of scams, the property may often genuinely exist, but it could be owned by someone else.
  • Do not trust an email that says ‘pay money and I will have the keys delivered to you.’
  • Never give money to a landlord when you haven’t seen the property
  • Keep copies of any correspondence, banking details and the listing itself.

Report a scam

If you’re concerned about a listing you see on Rent.com.au, note down all the relevant information, such as:
– The property address;
– The link to the property listing;
– The email address of the person offering the property; and
– Any correspondence you’ve had with the person

Report any potential scams to Rent.com.au by calling 1300 736 810 or emailing [email protected] 

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