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“Given the state of the WA market, I feel like I could be able to ask for a rent reduction on my property. What would be the best approach to my property manager to see if this is a possibility?” (Tenant, WA)

When you want to ask your agent for a rent reduction

We asked Jenni Wood, the Training and Development Manager at Professionals for her advice:

Jenni said the very first step before making such a request would be to do your homework.

“That is a thorough analysis of the state of the local rental market before embarking on what can often be a very emotional time for tenants,” she said.

“If there is better value up the street of comparable property, then chances are you could be well placed to debate your case.”

“However, if your local area activity does not support rental reduction evidence then you would be best placed to continue as it and re-assess in another 3 – 6 months.”

Jenni said that if evidence does suggest a reduction is in order, make contact with your property manager and discuss the matter.

“Ensure you have an amount in mind as your firm offer with the owner,” she said. However, be prepared that they may reject your offer.”

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