What can I do if I fall into rent arrears and I’m not able to pay the arrears in one payment?” Tenant, NSW

We asked LJ Hooker Warners Bay Head of Property Management Growth, Larissa Bridge for her advice:

“If you’re experiencing financial hardship which creates an issue with arrears, it’s always best to keep your property manager informed,” Larissa said.

“By communicating any late payments, your property manager is able to advise the landlord, as it could affect the landlord’s mortgage payments.”

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Larissa also encouraged tenants to continue to make their weekly rent payments as normal, and make a payment plan for their arrears.

“A payment plan as simple as the weekly rent divided by 7,” she said. “This will give you a daily rent figure.”

“A payment plan like this over a 7 week period allows the addition of 1 weeks rent that has been paid with the payment plan.”

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Larissa Bridge
Larissa Bridge
Former Head of Property Management at LJ Hooker Warners Bay | (02) 4915 3800 | [email protected]

Larissa Bridge was the Head of Property Management at LJ Hooker Warners Bay between 2019 and 2021. Larissa joined the LJ Hooker team after a stint with Belle Property and McGrath Estate Agents, bringing years of experience as a property management lead across. Today Larissa works for Compass Housing Services in Newcastle, New South Wales, as their Operations Manager and National Business Development Manager.