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“My property is being managed by an agent. Do I need to arrange maintenance to the property myself?” (Owner, NSW)

We asked LJ Hooker Gosford Business Development Manager, Madeleine Smith for her advice.

Madeleine said as part of an owner’s management agreement with their agent, it would be usual for them to organise the maintenance on their behalf, with their approval.

“If you prefer you can always organise it yourself,” she said.

“Just be sure to keep your agent informed so they can document everything and keep your tenant informed.”

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Other tips to consider from
As a landlord, you may authorise your agent to arrange for urgent repairs up to a specified amount. Your authority should be written into the contract.

You must give the tenant a written statement that explains whether or not the agent can arrange urgent repairs. If the agent is authorised to arrange urgent repairs, you should also state the maximum amount the agent is authorised to spend.

You (or your agent) should also give the tenant the agent’s phone number, so the tenant can contact the agent if they need an urgent repair.

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