We’ve simplified the system to make applying for RentBond easier for you and your real estate agent. The good news? If you’ve been approved for a rental property, you’re able to apply for RentBond.

approved for RentBond

What is RentBond?

RentBond is a revolutionary bond payment plan offered through Rent.com.au. You can use RentBond to pay your bond in full to your real estate agent at the beginning of your tenancy and repay it over 6 or 12 month instalments.

Applying for RentBond is easy and no credit rating is required. Paying your bond in smaller, monthly instalments will let you save money for more important things during your move or settling into your new home.

How does it work?

  1. Find your new rental on Rent.com.au
  2. Check to see whether you’re eligible to apply for RentBond
  3. Apply for RentBond
  4. Accept your contract online and enter your repayment details
  5. We’ll pay your full bond the very same business day directly to your property manager
  6. That’s it! We deduct your monthly instalments until the bond has been repaid in full.

Need more information? Call Rent.com.au’s Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 or email us on support@rent.com.au for details to help you get started.