“I have excellent references from previous rentals and a great rental history. I also have 5 children with my partner. My applications continue to be rejected – Could it be because of my children?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Anna Gomes, Senior Property Manager at Raine & Horne Petersham for her advice.

“Landlords want to have happy tenants in their property for the long term and feel confident that their property will be well looked after,” Anna said.

“To put the landlord’s mind at ease, apply for properties that comfortably meet the needs of your family and attach references and photos of properties you’ve rented before detailing the excellent condition during your tenancy.”

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While agents don’t have to provide any feedback to you regarding your application, you can always call up and ask them for feedback or tips on how to improve your application and what to include in your next application to increase your chances of securing a property.

If you have questions about tenancy laws and how they relate to you, click here to find the best contact.

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Anna Gomes
Anna Gomes

Anna Gomes is the Senior Property Manager at Raine & Horne Petersham in the Inner West of Sydney, New South Wales. Anna's career spans more than 20 years in residential real estate throughout the Inner West. Raine & Horne Petersham is backed by over 35 years of real estate experience in Petersham and surrounds and has built a reputation as one of the most well-respected agencies in the area.