Documents you need to apply for a rental property in Australia

When you submit a rental application, you may be asked to attach additional documents. Your future landlord/agent needs more information that will show them whether (or not) you’ll be a reliable tenant for that property.

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Having the following documents on hand when you find the perfect property is a great way to improve your chances of application success. Remember, some landlords/agents will ask for everything, while others will only ask for a couple – your best bet is to be prepared for any situation. Happy hunting!

What documents will I need to apply for a rental property?

Once you’ve found a property you like online and have attended an inspection, you will need to fill in an application form and be prepared to provide the additional documents the landlord/agent has asked for.

These documents could include:

  • Your identification: Depending on the landlord/agent managing the property, you should come prepared with photo identification (your driver’s licence or passport), your Medicare card, your birth certificate, car registration or health care card.
  • Professional/personal references: Names and contact details for people who will give you a positive rental reference (from past properties) or personal reference (more on choosing rental references here).
  • Copies of recent rent receipts/rates notices
  • Copies of previous utility accounts

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In most instances, you will be required to achieve a minimum of 100 check points before your application will be considered. If you don’t think you will be able to meet the 100 check points, you should speak with the landlord/agent.

Remember: The landlord/agent has access to tenancy databases. These databases can show if you have a listing against your name from previous leases. If you know you’ve been listed on a tenancy database, be proactive and tell the landlord/agent upfront if you apply to rent the property why this happened – better to do this in advance because they will find out when they check your name.

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