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An adjective that describes what renting an apartment in Australia is like is challenging. Not only is it hard to find an apartment that fits your standards and your budget, but you also can’t do much to make it feel like yours.

Guest post – Alexis Walker

When you’re not allowed to make physical changes, it seems you have to come to terms with living in the apartment as it came. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are still ways you can make the apartment feel like home without making physical changes.

1. Add some plants

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Adding plants is a proven way to open up your living space and make it more comfortable to live in. Flowers and plants are a lovely sight in any apartment. They look nice, fill up the place and create fresh oxygen. This last benefit is very important because fresh oxygen makes you feel more energised and focused, while also making you more productive.

Not only are you creating a beautiful environment with your own garden, but you’re also investing your long-term health and happiness. Plants fit into any room and will also suit your balcony. There are different types and colours, allowing you to play with the natural design. If you’ve never cared for plants before, start with some easy houseplants and then move on to something more elaborate. As well as fitting in the corners of the house and the balcony, you can also add flower boxes on your windows for an extra cute effect.

2. Accessorise!

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Accessories are one of the best ways to decorate your rental apartment. They’re easy to come by, you can choose between a variety of options, and they don’t change the apartment physically at all. Most rental apartments come with the bare minimum, i.e. functional furniture but are often leased unfurnished Rather than looking at the empty room and feeling uneasy, look at it as a project and see where you can add some necessary decor.

Start with your couch. How good would it look if you added some cushions to it? Cushions can be of different shapes and sizes, but they’ll contribute to the look of the whole room, not just the couch. Think of what other accessories would complement the cushions. Don’t be afraid to think bigger than your pillows, either. For example, a nice carpet or rug would go great with them.

3. Play with light strips

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Good lighting is essential for every apartment. In rental properties, light strips can make a perfect decoration because they can easily be removed. They don’t leave any sort of permanent trace, nor do they damage the walls or floor. The upside is that you get to play with the pattern and come up with a creative design that completely transforms the apartment into something that works with your personality.

When playing with light and creating patterns, you’ll want to look into higher-quality options. Thankfully, high quality led lighting isn’t hard to find. Whatever design you’re creating, your entire space can benefit from using led lights. They’re durable, don’t waste electricity, and are easy to replace. What’s more, they emit a soft and soothing light regardless of what colour you choose. This brings some elegance and class into the apartment, as well as showing off your creativity.

4. Combine the old with the new

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Combining different eras can make for stunning decoration. If the apartment you’re renting comes unfurnished, you can expand this fusion from the decor you choose to the furniture you buy. On the other hand, if the property comes furnished, try to pick decor that’s opposite of the furniture already in the place. You can look for everything from vases and desk decor to bigger pieces like mirrors.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money with this method, either. All you have to do is scroll down Gumtree and see what kind of quirky decor awaits. One piece of advice is to make sure the colours, patterns, or materials of the decor and furniture are the same. This allows you to play with shapes and put as many unique and original things you want in the room without making it look like a huge mess. The common trait of the furniture and decor will help to tie the whole place together.


Your apartment is an extension of who you are. It shows your interests, style, and even traits. When our apartment isn’t in line with our personality, we don’t tend to feel like we have a home. Just because you’re renting doesn’t have to mean that you don’t have a home of your own.

With these tips, you’ll be able to give your apartment the personal touch it needs. Redecorating a rental apartment in Australia may be hard, but look at it as a challenge to reach new levels of creativity.

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