Is this the greatest property listing to hit the internet? There’s a strange story behind this brick house.

From the outside, this brick ranch on the outskirts of Pittsburgh looks fairly nondescript. But the home’s contents are out of this world.

A deceptively simple exterior.

Behind the home’s wooden castle door is its owner’s personal version of paradise. Owner John Cope, a self-professed eccentric, created it himself, filling it with a mix of handmade and curious objects.

But dreams can’t last forever, and Cope has decided everything must go. He’s selling the house (and all its contents) for $159,900. Would you be keen?

The handmade control room
The listing mentions a ‘talking space alien’.

A home with humble beginnings

The building was once a standard three-bedroom, one-bathroom family home, believe it or not. But today it features a dining room that’s designed to look like the bridge of a spaceship.

The main bridge
The living room mural

Cope has also (somehow) managed to create a two-storey room from his single-storey home. It’s one of a number of customised details.

The property’s kitchen and dining room are laid out as a 25th-century starship (or the ‘main bridge’). Naturally, that bridge is manned by a talking space alien.

Many of the room’s still functioning elements have been repurposed from an Apache helicopter.

An alternate view of the main bridge

Rooms packed with customisation

It’s not just the main living spaces that have been fully customised. There’s also a beach-themed spare bedroom, where you can expect to find inches of sand on the floor and seashells.

The beach room

Nearby is the 1970s-inspired ‘Hippie crash pad’ bedroom. Once you’ve made it through the beaded curtain you’ll notice that this room also comes with a waterbed.

A ‘hippie crash pad’

Even the bathroom is in on the action – it’s designed to look like a tropical island, complete with lush greenery.

A tropical island-themed bathroom

The property goes viral

Once the home hit the market, it wasn’t long before the listing photos began to stir chatter on social media. One tweet describes it as “the greatest house listing of all time,” and it has attracted almost 128,000 likes.

Today, the home’s creator lives elsewhere but has promised to attend and show any interested buyers around the place. Take the virtual tour here.

The library.

What do you think about the decor? Would you ever buy a home like this, or be curious enough to stay the night?