“How much extra should you be expected to pay for a property with air-conditioning included? If there is no air-conditioning, can I ask the property manager if the owner will consider it?” Tenant, NSW

We asked Webbs Real Estate Senior Property Manager, Amy Johnson for her advice.

Air conditioning is an extra feature in a property that would add value on the rental market,” Amy said.

“Exactly how much value is hard to estimate but this would be based on similar properties available in the area.”

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“For instance, we manage a block of units in a rural area where some have air conditioning and some don’t. When comparing two units of the same size and in similar condition with the only difference being the air conditioning, we have advertised the unit with the air conditioner at a rental rate $10 higher than the one without.”

Amy said that if there is no air conditioning, you can ask the property manager to approach the landlord regarding the possibility of having that installed, however, do be aware that the landlord is not obligated to provide air conditioning with the property.

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Amy Johnson
Senior Property Manager at

Webbs Real Estate is an independent, rural and residential real estate agency servicing the Gloucester district from Nowendoc in the north to Monkerai in the south.