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“What are the main ways an agent will qualify a prospective tenant for my property?” (Owner, WA)

Feature agent: Jarrad Mahon, Managing Director/Licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate.

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We asked managing director/licensee at Investors Edge Real Estate, Jarrad Mahon for his advice.

“Just like dating, first impressions count!” Jarrad said. “An agent will pay attention to how you and your car are presented and how you communicate with them.”

“If you have kids with you, they will also observe how well behaved they are. So it’s best to not fill them up with lollies on the car ride over.”

Once you check out in person, an agent will place the most importance on your rental ledger and the reference provided by your current property manager, Jarrad said.

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“We look for a good history in making rental payments, and then we get feedback on how you are to work with, how you keep the property, are you leaving the property with any bond money owing, and would they rent to you again.”

“If you are currently renting privately through a landlord, this will usually weaken your application because the reference is not seen to be as credible.”

“If you are an owner occupier we would search your property online and see how it was presented for sale and then speak with the selling agent asking similar questions to the above.”

“If all of that checks out then we will confirm your employment details and run a search of the national tenancy database to ensure there are no black marks against your rental history.”

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