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“Is an agent’s location important to their ability to manage my property properly?” (Owner, VIC)

We asked Metro Property Management Director, Leah Calnan for her advice.

“As long as the property manager has an array of tradies who cover the areas they manage properties in, and they keep up with the routine inspections, then no, it shouldn’t matter,” she said.

“99% of tenants pay their rent electronically, along with the day-to-day communication being emailed.”

Leah said that not all agents are internally structured to manage properties in different suburbs.

“That in mind, it would be useful to find out how they secure new tenants when there is a vacancy, what happens if something happens after hours and whether the property manager understands the market in that particular location/suburb,” she said.

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Leah Calnan

Leah Calnan, Metro’s sole Director, is one of the industry’s most dedicated, accomplished and senior Property Management practitioners. Leah lives and breathes Property Management.