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“My property manager returned a routine inspection report to me in August and requested I send in photos of the dust I’ve removed from the window sill. There are also several owner actions, but to date nothing has been done on their behalf. The property manager was quick to follow me up – why does this not extend to the owner’s actions? Can I request this is followed up?” (Tenant, WA)

Follow up on owner actions

We asked Jenni Wood, the Training and Development Manager at Professionals for her advice:

“Can you request a follow up? Absolutely!” Jenni said.

“The property manager’s role is to act as conduit between the owner and the tenant in maintaining a professional tenancy relationship and ensure that both parties comply with their legislative and contractual obligations.”

“If you need to follow up maintenance issues it’s best to put this in writing (email is OK) and request an estimated date of completion.”

Jenni said that if the matter is of an urgent nature specific timeframes for organising the work is legislated to protect the tenant and the property of course.

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