Renting alone doesn’t need to be a scary last resort – in fact, living by yourself can be great! If you’re on the edge of trying solo living, here are seven things that no other living arrangement can offer.

By the time you’ve rented a few places, you understand the benefits that come living with roommates. Sure, it’s cheaper than living alone and can make the transition of moving out from your parents’ to the real world a bit easier. But have you considered the joys of living alone?

Having your own space, and no one else to blame for not paying rent on time or taking out the rubbish – these simple pleasures can be SO worth it! If you’re about to live by yourself for the first time, it’s worth considering whether you’ll miss the company of a roommate, or whether having the place to yourself will be an adventure of its own.

1 – Living alone can provide vital experiences

Particularly for younger renters, living alone can provide a number of vital experiences. Some people end up living alone when they get older out of circumstance, not choice. A lot of people are fearful of the notion of living alone and fill their space for most of their lives where they don’t actually experience it. When living alone doesn’t happen until much later when you might have lost your partner, or your friends are gone, it can be difficult to confront it.

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2 – It’s the perfect chance to get to know yourself

A fundamental advantage of living alone is that it allows you to really get to know yourself. To get a true sense of who you are, you need the opportunity to have your own space – not only a mental space – but a physical space. The notion of living alone enables you to work out who you are with yourself, which is an important step in anyone’s development.

3 – You learn basic self-care needs

Living alone forces you to learn how to do your own washing, cooking and ironing and all those basic self-care needs. Another positive is that it forces you to confront yourself. You quickly know how you’ll be if you have to enter a space if there aren’t people there to greet you and provide you with instant company.

4 – You will learn how to live harmoniously with others by teaching you how you best live

Rather than making you selfish and more set in your ways, living alone can help you live more harmoniously with others, by teaching you how you best live. The key here is in paying attention to your moods and being aware of your own needs. This gives you an opportunity to do some forward planning and forward thinking.

5 – It’s the best way to learn about your own needs

If there are certain times of the day or phases during the week where you feel lonely, why not organise to meet some friends or call someone for a chat in these periods. This is the perfect opportunity to take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

6 – Enjoy some peace and quiet

Living with others can be fun and social, but it can become difficult to have some peace and quiet, especially if you don’t want to spend your whole life locked up in your bedroom. Renting solo means you are freed up from having to deal with noisy roommates talking too loudly, playing music or banging doors.

7 – Decorate your way

When living with others, you’re free to decorate your own room to your heart’s content. But when it comes to communal areas, it can be a completely different story. If you and others have moved in together, it’s likely that you’ll decorate your new home together – but you’ll still need to compromise. Living in your own property means you can decorate how you want.

Living alone can be great if you can afford it and enjoy it. If you are looking for a property to rent, either to share or live on your own, visit Rent.com.au.



  1. Just about to embark on my first solo venture – am looking forward to the experience now!
    Rent.com.au had been an invaluable resource for this transition! Thanks guys!